Blog #2 Constructivism What does it mean to me?

10 Jan

Constructivism to me sounds like a useful and strategic technique to help students learn material better than if they were to just read from a book.  This is because by being hands on and actually getting involved, they feel more connected to the work and get a better grasp on it.  If I were to fix a car or possibly build one and someone was there to help me and show me how to do it from step 1 til the last step, I would learn so much more about it and have a better idea how to do it more often than if I were to read in a book and study what parts go where and how to go about the steps because by being apart of it, I am able to understand better how to implement the steps.

As a student, some classes didn’t seem to care about constructivism much and those classes were harder and less fun but when I had classes that actually had us work on the material and not just read about it, I did better and enjoyed it.  Science is a perfect example because if I were to have only read from a book and study and nothing else for the class I may have done terribly but since in some of those courses relating to science like chemistry and biology being hands on helped understand how to do it more and understand what the results would be.  I have to say though I didn’t like hands on so much with biology since I don’t like cutting up dead animals but it still helped understand it more.

When I teach math, I will definitely try to incorporate constructivism into the material.  I will have students come up to the board like when I was in middle school and solve the problems shown on the board.  I will have about 5 equations using PEMDAS (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction) and ask for 5 volunteers to come up, solve the problem and after tell the class how they went from the equation and step 1 all the way to the answer.  I will give out handouts on occasion that will help them remember better how to solve the equations by having each answer correlate to a letter of the alphabet so that when completed it will spell out a phrase to a joke or riddle or question of some kind to make it more fun or maybe each number correlates to a color to color in a picture of some kind.  Something to make it fun while learning and that way being hands on.



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