Blog #4 We have spent four weeks practicing how to integrate technology into the classroom. The importance of learning these skills is a given, but is the integration itself at all levels of education? How Young Is Too Young (the reading for week 4) addresses the issue of age limits—what do you think? Is there such a thing as being “too young” for technology? Does technology really interfere with young child socialization?

26 Jan

Yes and No.  I believe that it’s important for our society to have our kids learn technology at a young age so that as a society we become more knowledgeable as well as create newer and better technology and also because the kids themselves become very smart in the process.  But I feel as well that they should do a lot of exercise and be out doors away from technology a little so that they 1) are not out of shape, 2) sociable in person as oppose to only online, 3) get to enjoy being kids and playing with other kids which as I just said before, allows them to make friends and builds in person sociable skills.    So I guess my answer is its ok for them to learn at a age that may seem too young as long as they have an equal time with being outside.

And this is coming from someone who is always on line or playing video games because I don’t do much outside and if I had a little more growing up I might have been in better shape not that I wasn’t outside at all just not as much as I probably should have been.



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