Blog #5 Read 3 article reviews and write a blog about what you thought of one of them

7 Feb

I read the one from Brooke, Kaylee and Ashley and all were about really awesome articles but I couldn’t decide which I liked better between Brooke’s and Kaylee’s because Brooke’s was about how in South Africa students were getting Laptops to replace desktops with wires and so they could move about more and understand as well as view other areas while having a computer still and Kaylee’s was cool because it spoke about how students in bad or rough areas who don’t have tutors nearby or tutors who are able or willing to drive over there can use technology to let them talk to each other basically like Skype and to therefor tutor from afar if you will.  I think both articles are very awesome well all three were but those 2 were the ones I really liked and I think both are great ideas for students in the classroom to be able to utilize and take advantage of.



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