Blog #7 For your week 7 blog, please do a quick search on the web and find an online EDUCATIONAL game. Post the link to your game in your blog and take your best shot at analyzing why this game may prove useful in the classroom. Don’t just say: “because it is fun,” rather, give some pedagogical (you can read and refer to Gee’s principles if you like–see this week’s “at home” folder for a link to this article) or ODE standard-related reason for using the game. You may also consider giving a brief summary of what the game does in order for your readers to understand the post.

27 Feb

I found two games actually.  The first one called Dress Up Math is more suited for girls because it allows them to dress up a digital doll like girls do all the time with barbies and such but in this game you have to choose the top, bottom and shoes that each have a money value to them and you must make your complete outfit equal the goal cost.  When you do you move to the next level.  That game helps girls add prices up and by doing that it really helps them learn how to add numbers and get the right amount.  Very cool I think if it does that.  The link for Dress Up Math is

The other game I found called Factor Feeder is probably more for boys (or anyone who likes Pac-Man)  because this game is like Pac-Man except you have a green monster guy who you move with your arrow keys over spaces with numbers.  But when you go over a number you have to make sure its a factor of the number it says before you start so if your number is 18, the only numbers you can move your green monster over are 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9.  Of course you can move back over to a black space (a space that you already got a factor of) if you can’t go forward and feel trapped.  This game is great because it teaches kids how to learn factors of numbers and if the more they play the more they learn and so the better they will do on the game.  The link for Factor Feeder is



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