Blog #1 My experiences and feelings with blogging

10 Jan

I haven’t really blogged much before.  I find its nothing more than an online journal that people may or may not see depending on what the blogger decided he or she wants.  If people do read it, it’s just about a more in depth and maybe more sophisticated version of Twitter which I think is very stupid.  I’ve never been the kind of person who wrote in a journal so this is definitely new for me.

Since I’ve never written or really read blogs before, it doesn’t feel much different being the writer than it does the reader because both are new to me.  Hopefully in time, I will be a more improved blogger and not inexperienced or new to it like I am now.



Welcome to

10 Aug

Welcome to  Unfortunately Suhrman without the number 13 was taken and so I couldn’t match the name of my site on here but I figured just add my favorite number to the end so its all good.  As it states in my About section. This is a new work in progress type of site and any info to add to it to improve or make it better in any way please feel free to email me at